Home Sweet Home

Oh. My. Gosh.

You guys! This post has been a long time coming!

Let’s just say, if we knew we would be waiting 9 long months to move into our new home… we may have done things differently! Haha!

Buuuut, we are FINALLY HOME!

My husband and I signed papers to have our home built in February, and we are all moved in as of NOVEMBER! Needless to say, it has been well-worth the wait — plus 9 months of collecting has left us with lots of home-decor and the ability to fully furnish our 6 bedroom home! (Considering we moved from a 3 bedroom!) Here are some photos of our new home & info on where we got some of our goodies!



I LOVE our high-ceilings. Though I love our new neighbors 😉 I am in need of some HIGH curtains and since I want them from ceiling to floor (20feet long!) I looked into getting them custom made- holy spendy. Let’s just say, you can look forward to a blog post on how I DIY’d my frugal curtains – soon! Haha!

Coffee Table, I picked up at a yard sale! *Score* I poked around online and found a few at Restoration Hardware and also Bed Bath & Beyond, for upwards of $1000!! (Got mine for $40!) I know, sorry. Anyway, they’re called balustrade coffee tables! Absolutely love and recommend!




**Little girl not included** Bahaha!

I couldn’t tell you how much I love our counter-tops and floors! Our counters are actually a little more of a taupe color than they look in this photo but the color is Terra Quartz.

Our floors are a laminate flooring, which I was a little hesitant about at first but I LOVE the way they look at the fact that they have kind of “dusty” or washed look to them — helps hide the REAL dirt haha!! Very  happy with them! I will post the name of them as soon as I find the box!

Barstools – Craigslist! They are from Pier1!


As you may have figured out by now… I am a total bargain shopper BUT… if I like something enough… I will totally splurge on it (if I can’t find it cheaper anywhere else haha!) That being said, MY DESK! I fell in love with this desk from World Market! For being under $300, it’s a perfect and CUTE little desk for a smaller home office!

Chair was a Craigslist find whiiich I may have to replace cuz… it’s a lil short – but sure is cute! ❤

That stylish little fashion mannequin on the left, I bought from Amazon for my boutique business! Adorable & under $35, free shipping with Amazon PRIME! (2 day shipping!)



Double door pantry! My life! Our kitchen actually has a limited cupboard space so this pantry is a life saver! I might make a future post about how I organized it — once it’s organized! Ha! 🙂

I’m not sure if you can see it but my husband mentioned wanting the trim of the staircase stained and I’m SO glad he did. It looks beautiful and is a perfect match for our fireplace mantel! Good job, boo :-*

DINING ROOM:15068325_533975983476172_7095037648988994546_o

You’ll find that when I tend to splurge, it’s usually at one place. SO…we found our dining table at, once again… World Market!! It was originally $549, but being the bargain shopper that I am, I grabbed the MODEL piece that was out for display – dropping the price to a whopping $300! Booo-ya! **Always ask about the floor models if you’re wanting to save $**

Chairs! Okay, ready for a, “are you serious?!” I found these adorable, tufted, gray, suede-ish material chairs, in a PACK OF TWO, at… *drumroll* WALMART. Freaking. Crazy. They are actually on sale right now, too! $185 for the pair! They had two color options, we went gray, but taupe is very pretty too! 🙂


I hope you enjoyed my home decor post! I am so happy with the way everything looks & — happy to answer any more questions!



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