Golden Gates Boutique

From as young as I can remember … way back to when my little baby brain started processing memories… I LOVED getting “ready” for the day. It was something I always watched and admired my mother doing so, naturally… as soon as I was “allowed” to put makeup on (aka white eyeliner with NO mascara, zero foundation, and the glossiest, chunkiest, Smackers Watermelon Lip Gloss I could find– you know the one I’m talking about… yep, the roller one) you better believe I did! Whew, flash back! Anyway – I literally looked forward to figuring out my “look of the day”. My makeup was just the beginning of this step, but the most important was my OUTFIT!

I remember some days liking “weird” combinations (like the super long shit-mustard-tunic with the studs across the neckline and these slick, faux leather, muddy-water brown leggings…. WITH FLATS outfit.) I don’t even know how to explain how I thought this outfit could have been cute. Well wait … let’s think… Peter Pan. & what do you know, Peter Pan was a HIT! God, I was a genius. I HATE having to admit this right now but that was definitely in college…. whew… moving on. When it got too weird, I would think, “well… any celebrity would totally wear this” — which was my way of accepting something that wasn’t a current “norm” amongst my peers! Needless to say, I have always ENJOYED the idea of fashion and makeup, though it may not have been something I was ALWAYS good at … I have always loved it.

Fast forward to today, my 29-year-old-self… er… 21… Forever, right? Either way, here I am… still enjoying fashion and for more reasons than one. I love that fashion makes anyone feel good in their own skin. I love that it is a way to describe ones’ personality without having to say a single word. I love the endless possibilities and the fact that it will NEVER go away! (Unless, of course… BIRTHDAY SUIIIT!) But… you get me! Fashion is way to express yourself, make a statement and feel CONFIDENT! What’s NOT to love?

So, I have decided to make it a part of my life. I jumped the gun in March 2017 and opened up my own women’s fashion boutique because, well… I wanted to and I like to think I am kinda good at picking out cute clothes! *Insert Peter Pan joke here* Times have changed my friends! Needless to say, the many reasons I enjoy fashion are because of the way it makes me feel, and because of that… I have hand pick each and every item that I put on my website. In turn, I bet I’ve sent MORE clothes BACK to the Vendors than I have actually kept because I am ALL about NOT ONLY the way it FEELS on my skin but the way it makes me feel. If I had to describe my boutique in a few short words, it would be… “Boho Babe meets Urban Fashionista.” I like comfort and I also like confidence. Flowy tops are my JAM and confidence is sexy. That is all.

Without further ado…

** Here are a few photos from our very first photoshoot (first professional one at least) with an inCREDibly talented photographer, Brie Thomason. If you are in the Boise area, she specializes in Wedding Photos and is a a breath of fresh air to work with! Please please check out her Instagram page and thank me later 😉


All 4 of us are wearing our Ruffled Off the Shoulder top in a different color!GGB-29

I am blessed to have the BEAUTIFUL Angela Kezar as one of my best friends and supermodels for the boutique :-* ! She is also a lifestyle/fashion blogger and quite possibly the CUTEST Mama that I have ever seen! GGB-99

I mean… HELLO, gorgeous! This is Katie, raaaawwwwking our Make em’ Blush Bodysuit. Fun fact, Katie is Angela’s sister! She lives in Mexico and has the cutest little family. Sometimes we get mistaken for each other and… I mean… I can see why 😉 😉 Ok Ok… but…I will take that compliment ANY day!GGB-3

This girl… Sydney… not only flawless but seriously turning heads in this Bare it All Mini Dress. We hired her straight from the modeling agency in Boise. Not really, but you could believe it huh? She is drop dead gorgeous! ANOTHER fun fact… SHE IS ALSO RELATED TO KATIE AND ANGELA! Haha! I’m serious though. They are probably the most beautiful family I have ever seen.


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