The Right Opportunity


Oh, hi. Hello. You. Yes, you. You could be just the person I’m looking for. One of a kind, if you will. There are only so many people who will relate to this post or find it any sort of helpful, so… let’s narrow it down:

If you have ever been affiliated with a Network Marketing company, keep reading.

If you’ve never been affiliated with a Network Marketing company and think they’re stupid AF… keep reading. (your thoughts, not mine)

If you are an introvert, keep reading.

If you get distracted by shiny things… keep reading.

If you’ve started and quit more things than you can remember – keep reading!!!

If you hate your day job, keep reading.

If you like to look cute, keep reading.

If you have an annoying friend on Facebook who has tried to sell you the same ishhh multiple times, keep reading.

If you’re still reading this, keep reading. Things are about to get real shiny.

Omgah! You’re my person!!! This is fun. Okay. So, here it goes. In a nutshell, you hate your job, hate being social (for the most part), would never be a salesman, wish you could stay home every day…. OH and you love to shop! I should be charging you for this reading. But I’m a very giving person so… onward. & If that does not match your description, you lied when I asked the questions above??


We are here for a reason. We all want success, freedom, and let’s be real – money? Yea. You do. So… what if I told you I have all of those things for you? Would you believe me? Of course you wouldn’t… if you did, you’d be dumb! (But sounds shiny… right?) Just kidding. I’m assuming you’re skeptic and that’s totally fine because, I was too.

Okay, let’s dive into this. It’s no secret that I like makeup. It’s no secret that I like money, freedom and success either. So, I found this opportunity. I know, right… “opportunity” is everywhere… but gimme a sec to explain.


Okay, I actually, stumbled across it and for the first time – ever – I was excited to be a apart of a Network Marketing company. (I’ve tried a couple in the past… and felt like that annoying Facebook friend you have.) So, I’ve learned… when you find something you love and THEN find out there is an opportunity behind it. GOLD. Why did I love this company? Because I loved the product and all I had to do was take a cute selfie to become a successful affiliate***  (insert training videos and inspirational quotes)


SO! Are you ready to know what the hell it is?? What is it??!!!! The suspense!!!!! Okay. Lashes. It’s lashes. No! Not normal lashes. These lashes didn’t glue my eye shut, and I didn’t have to lay down for an hour long appointment and pay my husbands left nut for them. You GUYS – theseee babies are MAGNETIC – wait… even better – the EYELINER it comes with is magnetic. Effing GENIUS… I’ve worn eyeliner since the 8th grade and look like a naked mole rat if I don’t so THIS SOLUTION was HEAVENLY!!! I also wish I was the person who thought of this idea. It should’ve been me. BUT! I’m still considered a founding affiliate since this company just launched last MONTH! I mean, hell-o ground floor opportunity!

What’s even better? This company had nothing to do with a “magic pill, wrap, or fad.” In fact – these are so damn innovative that I KNOW it’s going to put a huge damper on the eyelash industry as we know it!!


So let’s wrap this up.

If you… member this game? Want to: work from home, quit your job, become successful, financially free, and take cute selfies to share on your social media platforms – we need to chat… like, stat.

That’s all for now,






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